Black Sheep, How did it re-define MO genre?



They boast the great action and graphics which can be made with the remodeled engine. they raised Havok Vision Engine with a Very high level beyond console games.

Also, Character can run up the wall and do infinite combos. you may use and destroy objects to fight monsters. you will notice special effects you've ever seen in other games.

Especially this isn't like 'previously made' one-way action of past action MO games. this is a realistic game that it is all totally based on distance, direction, timing, strength, etc. an active physics effects. this is the trick weapon of Neowiz.

Park Seong Joon PD introduced technical problems, solutions, their development philosophy so as. Today's lecture has drawn a massive and impassioned response from the developers worldwide.

I talked with Park PD about CGDC lecture and black sheep.

How do you join China CGDC and progress leccture?

Now we are cooperating with Havok perfectly to build up Black sheep. I guess Havok thought if we progress lecture together, chinese will show many interests in us.

Can there be anything special you prepared for CGDC lecture?

Most important thing is always to make what most gamers like. but many people stop trying as a result of hard technical problems, expensive, time etc as well as the game becomes so lame. but Black Sheep will break this prejudice and make new contents as you can. lecture is dependant on it.

Black Sheep was revealed on 05/22. it's got sparked many people's interests. there was many feedbacks. what impressed you?

There was many positive responses and many negative responses. what impressed me was "Black Sheep looks promising. this team makes many efforts to use new thing". you want to thank you because of this type of response.

What was hardest content to body out and just how do you solve it?

It was Character Animation part. the level we demanded was actually higher than what we should expected in havok. because it's a western game engine numerous functions were dedicated to console games.

For instance, there's no a big difference in character costume in console games. but black sheep has many various custumes and contents concentrating on PvP. We will add new functions in havok engine because it is dedicated to console games. however they solved most problems.

Is it possible to cooly appraised Havok Vision Engine to build up a next genaration game?

Havok Engine has great performance. it helped Black Sheep a whole lot. Vision Engine is inconvenient as can compare to Unreal Engine, Cryengine. good thing about havok vision engine is that module is very good and then we can also add new function quickly. it has great flexibility.

Exactly what do foreign developers discuss black sheep? which will they like of black sheep?

It absolutely was just like korean gamers. 'Fresh, New'. 'This will be the game that did overcome Online Game's technical limitation everyone thought' etc. it is an sport nevertheless it has got the degree of console games action. therefore many north america console game publication rack calling us. believe that it may be the online game for console.

Please let me know about the progress in Growth and development of Black Sheep and future plan.

We finished R&D on basic combat system. now we're adding classes and new action featuring for each and every class. we are adding normal dungeons you enter and kill mobs and boss monster but we have been attempting to make innovative new dungeons unlike other games.


For example, this is a dungeon you may use traps, devices than using skills of each class. we have been gonna start first CBT on 2014/03~04/.


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